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Older Children - possible Party Activities


Introducing lots of outdoor fun at Wild Times Woodland Adventures:


Bushcraft – shelter building, knot use, paracord bracelet making, fire lighting, mallet making


Pond-dipping / Woodland beast hunting / Tracking


Outdoor cooking – marshmallows, dough twists, popcorn


Bow & arrow making / archery / crossbows

Art - making beasty bugs and woodland creatures / Clay models and masks / Collages / Mobiles / Dream catchers / Dog tags / Musical instruments


And not forgetting - good old hide and seek (or 'camouflage concealment challenge' – same thing) !


And adding – that wonderful ability that children have to make a game out of something that grown-ups generally haven't noticed or don't get!


And ideally – getting very dirty, very tired and very happy


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