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Forest School, fun and learning
Forest School, fun and learning, safe tool use

Who can we work with? Anyone.


At Wild Times Woodland Adventures we have experience of and will contnue to work with children and young people across the education spectrum


  • Primary and Secondary School Pupils: whole, half or part class;

  • Children and young people with physical / mental disabilities and behavioural issues;

  • Excluded or at risk of exclusion children / young people: small groups;

  • Post-16 NEETS - work experience / Traineeships


The size of the group will depend on the presenting behavioural issues. I would expect to have at least half a class (15) of primary school children at a time, although if an added focus of the work is behavioural, then this number will reduce accordingly subject to discussion and risk assessment. School staff who know the children are also expected to be present.

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