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Holiday Club, woodland, Maidstone
Holiday Club, Maidstone, woodland

Holiday Clubs


A Wild Times Woodland Adventures holiday club is just what it says on the, err, website:




10 acres of wonderful, wild, woody outdoor space in which to discover, play, enjoy and be.  


Children will find out…


how to build a shelter out of whatever is in the woods;

how to light a fire without matches like our ancestors did;

how to use a knife safely to make things;

what lives in our pond;

what they can make with the clay out of the pond;

how to cook over an open fire;

how to camouflage themselves so they can’t be found;

how to sneak up on the person who's trying not to be found;

how to make a bow and arrow;

how to make tools and things from wood;

how to cope without an xbox/playstation! Yes it's possible!!!

how to make up ideas of their own.

WARNING: your child will come home smelly from woodsmoke and dirty, probably armed for a zombie apocalypse and most of all - happy and tired!




Run during holidays and half term breaks.


Easter holidays

May half-term

Summer holidays

October half-term


9.30 am - 3.30 pm Monday - Friday (or as listed)


(Single or multiple days are available).


Who for?


Aimed at children aged 8 - 11/12


How much?


£35 single day. Additional days / siblings @ £30 per day


Drinks &, marshmallows provided, bring packed lunch.

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