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Parties, Children's Parties, Maidstone, woodland
Parties, Children's Parties, Maidstone, woodland

At Wild Times Woodland Adventures we've got a great venue for parties - 10 acres to pretend you're Bear Grylls, Ray Mears, Pocahontas or just be you can't be bad!


We can cater for any school-age child and adults too (though see the 'Adults' page about that).


Children's Parties split into younger ones (aged 5 - 8) and then 8 and up.  See the 'Activity ideas' for what can be done, though I'd like to point out that this is about children having fun and enjoying themselves, not ticking off a list.  Younger children especially may get 'lost' in something they've discovered and it's only we grown-ups who tend to need to 'have' to do.  Have a read about Forest School if you want to see where we're coming from. (Ironically a huge amount of 'soft education' takes place although the children don't consciously know it).


Activities can vary depending on the level of excitement - and behaviours - exhibited by the children and we as leaders reserve the right not to include an activity if we believe that this will keep the children safer.


If you'd like facepainting included this can be arranged for an additional £50 - look on Facebook at 'Dinky Faces' to see the fantastic artwork.

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