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Nothing better than hearing from those who've enjoyed a party with us:

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"Hi V thanks a million for inviting L to O's party he had a brilliant time.  He is wrecked now, early bed tonight."


"Hi thank you for a fab party.  C has not stopped talking about it.  Can I have the name and number of the person who runs it?  M-L wants it for her birthday party next month."


"Thank you, N was very tired last night and has taken his bow and arrow to see his Dad.  He said it was the best party he'd been to."

"My nephew had his 6th birthday party here and it was superb. Well organised and FUN. Mark is great with the children and gives them a lot of space to work out what they can achieve. Building a fort from a pile of logs got the imagination and teamwork flowing. Bows and arrow making, pond dipping and a good ol' fashion campfire. Lots of shelter, so I reckon it's an all-weather event, so long as everyone wears wellies. Best of luck and I'll be booking my sons in as soon as they are old enough!"

"Thanks for the party we loved it"

"Heartfelt thanks Mark for a truly memorable birthday party and most wonderful keepsake. Forest fun, friends and memories to last a lifetime. (We adults had as much fun as the children!!) xx"

Thanks for a lovely time, J xxx

"This is where M had his birthday party , it was brilliant, the boys thoroughly enjoyed it."

"C hasn't stopped talking about doing this, [fire-lighting] very chuffed with him-self!"

"M said that M's party was awesome ... Thank you xx"

And there are more! .............


Dear Mark, Thank you for the picture of a tree made out of words connected to bushcraft, it will help remind me of the fun party. This was one of the best parties I have ever had. We really enjoyed damming the river and collecting all the mud, but it was the opposite for collecting it back in. I had never had toasted marshmallows on the fire before and the hot chocolate was nice too. Thank you for coming to the rescue with a stick candle. I think that everyone enjoyed the Jeep ride and it was a highlight to the party for many.  Love O


The party was wonderful. O had a great time and his friends really enjoyed it too. There has been very positive feedback from parents, despite the mud (sometimes because of the mud) who noticed how much fun their children had obviously had. You mentioned that you run summer camps - I suspect you will have some interest from the boys.  Thank you for all your help in making it such a success. 

I also just wanted to say a HUGE thank you from both of us.  C went to bed (eventually) this evening saying he'd had the best party ever and that it was EPIC!!  That's good enough for me, so thank you very very much.  Lots of the children also said it was the best party they had been to, (also the best birthday cake they have ever eaten!!!), so keep doing what you are doing as its fantastic.  Will be passing your details on to as many people as I can.

Thank YOU for a lovely and memorable party!  All the boys had a wonderful time and the grown-ups enjoyed themselves as well.  Which says a lot! Best party ever. Thanks again,


I'd just like to reiterate my thanks for the party yesterday.  It was lovely to see the children having space to be children, and how they worked together and supported each other at different times of the afternoon. As a parent I think it was the first party I've 'hosted' where I haven't checked my watch thinking 'how much longer'! I couldn't believe how quickly the time flew!  I've attached a few of the photos I took yesterday ..., it just shouts to me of the freedom that the children were able to experience. Thanks again,


I wanted to write and thank you again for the most wonderful day today in the woods. E and I have been sitting around our firepit this evening talking about just how wonderful it was … today I felt that I truly relaxed for the first time in years.  You create something very special in the woods and that, in no small part, is down to you and your amazing affinity with those around you. I very much hope that we meet again soon.


The kids had a fantastic time, they were talking about it for day, I asked N what the best bit was and she said all of it. She couldn’t pick because the couple of hours were packed with so many different activities.  Parents approached me from school on the Monday saying that their children had an excellent time.


Just spent the afternoon with 11 stick-whittling, den-building,

fire-making, s'mores-cooking, axe-wielding 8 year olds this

afternoon at E's birthday party. Absolutely brilliant!         

Thank you for such a great afternoon Mark - all the kids

(and grown ups) had a fabulous time. Thank you also for

E's present - a lovely momento of the afternoon!


We had an amazing time, thank you so much.  All the kids were shattered

afterwards and M thought it was the best party ever, so total success. Been

practicing with the bows and arrows and have copied your stickman bird

feeder.  Thanks again.  V

An enormous thank you to Dave and Joe for W's brilliant party- he said it was "the best birthday party I've ever had!" And the grown ups enjoyed it as much as the children! And as the heavens opened in the car on the way home, I couldn't believe how fortunate we had been to have had such glorious weather! W's picture is really lovely and has taken pride of place in his bedroom! Thank you to Dave for his mediation between my two boys when they fell out over den building. I really think one of the best things about Wild Times is the wonderful example that the leaders set to the children. So thank you, thank you, thank you, best party ever!

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